The Fallen Sky….

Michaela Currie

May I introduce “The Fallen Sky”… A Sky from another planet with the stars fallen, life force begins again with the elegance of the swan and her new born chics. The trees are flourishing and life is peaceful. Far in the background is civilisation of lovely families neutering the land. A new moon rises to the circle of a brand new sky. The twinkles of new stars growing and all is peaceful. The air is so pure as a day begins.

This piece is mixed media but mainly consisting of oils. I have also mixed watercolour ground with my own mixed shimmering ink to bring the sky more vibrancy. I was looking for a pen and came across some makeup that was really not my colouring so I thought ‘well crushed eyeshadow with a tad of fixative, why not! Lol’

  • Media: Ink, Mixed Media, Multiple Mediums, Oil, Oils
  • Subject: Abstract or Experimental, Animal or Wildlife, Bird, clouds, Seascape, Skyscape
  • Size: 60cm x 60cm

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