The Skies Mistress is The Ocean

Michaela Currie

May I introduce “The Skies Mistress is The Ocean”…. It is truly fascinating how the sky determines the life below the land. If the sky is in a bad mood it brings drama to the waters that feed earth itself. The sky opens up to set the mood of the ocean. As you can see the painting is over 3 canvases each 11x14 inches in oils sparkle and real sand mixed with Windsor & Newton sand texture medium. This took me 24 hours to do, with the odd snack break. I have only been seriously into my art for less than a year now so this is a piece that I am very proud of. I initially used black gesso and then worked in layers, I had to use painters tape to stick all three to my easel so the pieces would match up. I wanted each part to show a different mood of the sky and how it affects EVERYTHING, including below the sea.
The left piece shows the sky happy sunny and golden, middle angry harsh and cruel as the octopus attacks the ship and lastly calm night mist with twinkles of the moonlit sky.

  • Media: Oils
  • Subject: Seascape, Skyscape
  • Size: 44inch x 14inch

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