First Port of Call, Porthleven

Alice Hole

In this painting I wanted to convey the feeling of a busy, working, Cornish harbour. I was interested in capturing the boats resting at different angles on the harbour bed at low tide, creating various positive and negative shapes. I love how there are many different surfaces and textures in this view with some highlighted in the bright Cornish sunlight, others thrown into deep shadow and some with interesting reflections of nearby objects. I enjoyed painting the way the boats, chains and ropes have been weathered over time with these ‘imperfections’ hinting at the journeys these vessels have taken. There is a sense of history and community in this view, that there have been fishing boats like these resting here for many centuries, all with stories to tell…

  • Media: Acrylics
  • Subject: Waterscape, Waterscene; Boats or Seascape
  • Size: 100cm x 71cm

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