Mostar Bridge (Leap of Faith)

Christine Pratt

A work based on a photograph of the mediaeval bridge and city of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, taken by my younger daughter on her travels through Eastern Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed recreating the rich depth of colours in the water and exploring the eclectic mix of buildings and textures. As I observed each building, I began to feel some familiarity with a location I have never been in. Strange, isn't it? Initially for me, the project was about recording the drama and beauty of the location. The title of the piece is, however, a tribute to the centuries-old tradition of jumping from the Old Bridge (Stari Most) into the icy waters of the River Neretva some 24 metres below. The figures are dwarfed by the dramatic gorge: I have tried to give the feeling of business in the crowd of tourists, giving some recognisable features whilst remaining blurred overall. The diver and a lone spectator on the nearby roof are treated in more detail.

  • Media: Acrylics
  • Subject: Buildings and Architecture, Landscape, Townscape or Streetscene
  • Size: 42.0cm x 59.4cm

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