Showers over Chesterton Windmill

Christine Pratt

Walking back from Chesterton Windmill, I photographed an unusual group of clouds against the sun. The result was a dramatic skyscape with the windmill and visitors in semi-darkness. I have tried to capture the broody clouds in the foreground, threatening to drop their showery load. As the sun filters through the fleeting veils, it highlights the edges of the clouds. I have also tried to convey the effect of fractured light in the left middle sky using a range of subdued yellows, pinks and greens; the directional brush strokes convey rays of light. I enjoyed creating the sense of distance as the clouds fade in colour and size but still give a suggestion of form. The woodland to the horizon is painted using muted shades. The crisp outlines of the windmill and foreground are painted in black to give a stark contrast against the pale sky. Subdued details and textures of the building are picked out by lightly applying pinks and ochres with an almost dry brush.

  • Media: Acrylics
  • Subject: Landscape, Skyscape
  • Size: 356cm x 457cm
  • Price: Sold

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