Cate take 2

David Allen

I previously did a pastel drawing of Cate Blanchet which although I didn’t think was very lifelike, I did like the sketch. This is a second attempt and a first go at using watercolour pencils - after watching an SAA video by Charles Evans. Having bought a box of skintone watercolour pencils I gave it a go. It was only when a I came to the eyes I realised that obviously skin tones don’t include blue. Also after I had finished with the watercolour pencils it still looked a little flat so I added some additional work with Derwent Procolour pencils - this also enabled me to add the intense blue eyes. I then finished the eyes off with ink to give the increased definition needed.
The sketch was done in my sketch book so that is possibly why the watercolour pencil pigment did not run as easily as I had expected. My next attempts will be on watercolour paper.
Alas in my view, this also looks more like my first attempt in pastels than Cate Blanchet.

  • Media: Coloured pencils, Ink, Watercolour Pencil
  • Subject: Portrait or Figure
  • Size: 15cm x 15cm

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