Parrot study with watercolour pencils

David Allen

Although I have pet parrots I very rarely use them as subjects. The main reason being is that I am scared that I get bogged down in the detail of individual feathers....
However, I decided to give it a go with watercolour pencils hoping that by dabbing water on it would give the impression of feathers. In general I am not too unhappy with the initial results - done on A4 watercolour paper with Derwent procolour pencils for the eyes. Often in parrots it is the eye that draws your attention and so it’s not surprising that the sketch of Taz (bottom left) is the weakest as her eyes are smaller in comparison to the others. Each sketch is between 8 & 12cm by 10cm

  • Media: Coloured pencils, Watercolour Pencil
  • Subject: Bird
  • Size: 8-12cm x 10cm

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