Miro & Muis

David Allen

A pastel pencil sketch (with a touch of acrylic paint) of Miro (yellow thighed Caique) and Muis (Meyer). It was originally just going to be with pastel pencil (Derwent) but for some reason, just where Miro’s head was going to be, there was an area of paper (WN 160 gms) that was glossy and the pastel pencils just slid over.... Miro’s head is one of his striking attributes and so rather than just abort the project, I decided to experiment and used some acrylic paint to cover the area. Even that took several coats to get any significant colouring albeit not quite as I would have liked it.

  • Media: Acrylics, Pastel Pencil
  • Subject: Pet
  • Size: 28cm x 20cm

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