David Allen

A watercolour painting of Ralph our Italian Greyhound.

Having just bought Jo Allsopp’s “Loose and Lively Animals” it was my initial aim to follow suit.
So I started using a white wax crayon to block out a few small areas and then used water soluble ink for the general outline. I then brushed in some water and let the ink run inwards. I followed that by dropping in some Prussian Blue and let it do it stuff. I let that dry and had intended to go further but my art critic (my wife) thought it was “gorgeous” as it was. So I just added a pale Quinacridone Rose wash for the background.

Mixed watercolours on 240gm Fabriano watercolour paper

  • Media: Ink, Watercolour
  • Subject: Pet
  • Size: 25cm x 25cm

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